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Introducing CMEO Personal Branding For Ex-Execs.

How to position yourself as a Chief ME Officer Thought Leader

  • Plan on putting your skills to work as a consultant, solopreneur or entrepreneur?
  • Want to have an exceptional presence on LinkedIn? Facebook? While Networking? More?
  • Do you know how to position yourself to be in-demand?
Hello fellow Ex-Exec:

Congratulations on leaving Corporate America and becoming an official CMEO—Chief ME Officer. Now that you are in charge of you, it’s time to make sure your online reputation delivers credibility, confidence, and creativity so you will stand out and be in demand. Step 1 is discovering and assessing how you are viewed online today. Google yourself. Check out your Linkedin profile. Who appears? Does it capture the real you?

In today’s transparent world, your online reputation is everything. Therefore, building a strong personal brand and promoting it in all the right places is a must-have. My Personal Brand Coaching for CMEO’s will put you in a position to make a grand first impression online, in-person and over the phone. Guaranteed.

All the best,

iMark “The Ex-Exec” Schneider

7 Must-Haves To Build A Trustworthy Personal Brand Reputation

  1. Who Are You Today? Do you aspire to be a consultant? Solopreneur? Entrepreneur? Undecided? Defining the who is step number one.
  2. Your USP (Unique Selling Proposition): Everything begins by intelligently and creatively positioning yourself.
  3. Your Brand ID: What color palette, font, tagline and type of photo make you most attractive?
  4. Your Brand Voice: Your personal branding must capture your unique voice. Are you
  5. Your Business Card: Think of your business card as your personal billboard. Make a statement whenever you hand it out.
  6. LinkedIn Facelift: Your personality is as important as  your accomplishments. Today, people want to work with those they can relate to.
  7. Elevator Pitch: A great elevator pitch is the fastest route to the top.